It feels like nothing has been on our side in recent years in trying to get on the London property ladder. Escalating house prices, estate agents, mortgage lending challenges and hefty deposits required amongst many other financial factors. There have granted, been low interest rates but now the uncertainty of post Brexit means hard working families with kids,  both holding full time high paid jobs, equates to very little in the grand scheme of house buying. The Naked London blog was set up to share honest and unbiased property buying advice, for those trying to buy in London. We believe its about time there was someone you could trust to make sure your hard earned money goes the long way with no vested interest for us. It is a scary process, an unfamiliar process and a rare moment in our lives when we buy and our friends and neighbours are often not too forward in sharing what worked and failed for them. So we thought we would share what worked and failed for us so you can avoid the same trip ups as we did and at the same time give you a simple overview on how to prepare yourself and understand the process of buying ahead.