Steps to buying a property

It used to be so simple, one left home after school, got a job and bought a house….well maybe that’s a bit simplified but generally speaking it was everyone’s intention. Fast forward to 2017 and house buying in London looks far like those aged 30’s-40’s buying, while those in the 20’s don’t even have a chance.

Over the years, we’ve met so many different first time buyers from the expat abroad who have returned or moved here for the first time ready to buy, the already married with kids ready to finally buy to those in their 40’s-50’s finally able to afford somewhere worth buying.

As for knowing the steps involved in buying a property it may seem obvious to some but we at The Naked London , don’t ever assume anyone knows everything at all because that is where the simplest mistakes get made. It’s not easy anymore to know later in life what buying a house entails if it’s never been on the forefront of your mind.

So just to post here our basic step by step guide to buying a house and we hope we’ve covered off a simple checklist to help those get to grips around the order of the process.


Make Up Shop Order Process Timeline Infographic

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